Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chusok gift giving

Chusok is sort of like Christmas in terms of the gift giving. Every store here now has displays of gift packs and such. Everything from cosmetics and soaps to SPAM and olive oil. Yes, they love SPAM here. I'll try to get a picture of one of the SPAM gift sets.
The kindy school gave each of the teachers a gift set. In the gift set, there are:
*3 kinds of toothpaste: Original, Green Tea, and Multi-Vitamin.
*4 kinds of soap: Blue Chip anti-bacterial soap, Moisturizing Milk Bar, and Fruit Essence Soap in Peach and Apple.
*2 bottles of shampoo
*1 bottle of rince
*2 boxes of hair treatment samples.
My boss at LCC says she will talk to the boss at Wooil, as the set isn't exactly suitable for me. I don't really need 6 tubes of toothpaste (not to mention the fact that I only use Sensodyne due to having super sensitive gums), 6 bars of soap or more shampoo (I already have more than a year's supply of shampoo from a set that I got when I arrived here). It's a great set if you have a family to share it with. I think most of the gift sets are more for families rather than single people living alone. I'm not sure what I will get instead, or if I will just keep this gift set.

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