Friday, August 31, 2007

Tuesday afternoon cocktails

Sergeja and I finish early on Tuesdays and decided to go for some cocktails. We first went for some pizza near work (couldn't decide on anything else) and then wandered around looking for a place that was open. No such luck in that area. Too early. Even at 5:00, everything was still closed. We decided to go to the area we live in to check. Our regular bus wasn't coming, so we hopped on another one that takes the long way home. We accidentally got of a stop too soon, but ended up right where we wanted to be. Right above us was a little bar. It was completely empty but interesting. Sort of fancy grungy (and with a Christmas tree still set up beside the stairs).
The first round of drinks was great. I had a peach crush and she had a jun bug. Our second round of drinks weren't so great. We ordered Daquiris, but got the martini form of it, which was VERY bitter and not very nice. They were nice enough to let us get something else instead (another jun bug for her and a black russian for me). The little kwaja (snack) that they provided was a mix of coffee peanuts and banana chips. addictive.
It turned out that it wasn't just a normal bar. It was a bar where girls went to find out about their fortunes to do with future husbands and such. As we were the only ones there at the time (apparently they don't usually get busy until after 11pm), the guy sat and talked with us and attempted to do some fortune telling. The little Chinese birthday fortune telling book, Sergeja will be a rich but celibate spinster. He said many times, in a very funny way, that she should never or will never marry. He would think for a minute, look through his little Chinese fortune telling book, look at her and make a little 'X' with his fingers and say "no". According to the book and the Tarot cards, I'll get married probably September of 2008 to a boyfriend that I meet in 2007, but I'll get divorced some time. And then I'll marry again some time. Also, I'll have a lot of money around age 31. Almost every time I have had my fortune told, divorce has been mentioned. Not that I really believe in any of it. Something to laugh about.
Koreans base a lot on such fortune telling. There are all sorts of places were they can get it done. Even at the IPark Mall, around the CGV movie theater, there are tables set up for fortune telling, tarot card reading, palm reading and such.
a rich celibate spinster


Organic-Muslimah said...


At least he didn't predict you would marry him. That would suck.

laura said...

Well, he did keep asking if we (especially Sergeja) were interested in Korean men.

laura said...

Actually, I wonder if he would have changed Sergeja's fortune if she had said she was interested in Korean men. ???