Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday night dinner and drinks

Sergeja and I decided we would go out for dinner and drinks every Friday after work, trying out different restaurants every week. Yesterday we had Thai food again, but at a different restaurant. This time it was the Thai Boran restaurant in DongbuIchon-dong, near our work. It is a small restaurant on the 2nd floor of a building about half way down the main street. As we went right after work, we were there very early and there were no other customers. We ordered fairly quickly. We ordered spring rolls, green curry (gotta have it) with chicken and eggplant, and a dish of bok choy and mushrooms, which they unfortunately didn't have that day. We decided to get the sauteed beef salad instead (not quite knowing what to expect). [we had some before I was able to take the picture]
As I don't eat seafood, the choices are fairly limited. It was all very good, but a bit overpriced.
After dinner, we got on a bus and headed towards Itaewon. We got off about halfway to do a bit of walking. It was SO HOT out. We wanted to go to a place with a terrace or balcony so we went to Gecko's Garden and Terrace for some drinks. Mmmmmm. Strawberry daquiris.

[with flash][without flash]Then we decided to try out the Monkey Punch. SO GOOD! Banana, Baileys, in a frozen milky drink.Gecko's Garden and Terrace is a very nice place but is a bit overpriced. The food, especially.

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