Friday, August 31, 2007

Princess Cafe

There are little coffee shops everywhere here. They are all very interesting, or, well, different. Not something that you would find at home. Last weekend, Sergeja and I decided to check one out - the Princess Cafe - a kind of place that little girls would love (or at least, I would have when I was little).Each table had a bit of privacy of some sort. We chose one of the more open tables at a window (but still in a corner).Wrapped sugar cubes are in the little jewelry box just behind/beside the lamp.The entry is to the left in this picture. A couple of little girls kept coming up to the table with camera phones to take pictures of all of the pretty things.
I had an iced mocha and Sergeja had an iced coffee (which comes with a sugar syrup on the side). I loved the spoon in my drink - it hooked over the side of the glass.
It is a very cozy and comfortable place. We found it to be quite nice, though odd. It is definitely an option for future coffee fixes.
We have decided that we should check out different ones every time... just to see. After a while, if we decide we really like one place, we may stick with it, or go to it more often than others.

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Organic-Muslimah said...

looks like a big hotel.