Friday, August 31, 2007

sick AGAIN! and sad to be losing some students.

I'm sick. :S
I have some sort of very bad throat etc infection... again. It is ALL swollen and infected, not just the tonsils this time. Not sure what caused it.
I went to the doctor after work today. I got an injection in the 'hip' and have medication for 2 days. I have to go back on Saturday.
The doctor says I shouldn't talk for a couple of days. Not really possible as I still have to teach. Today teaching was so hard. I had to talk. I could barely stand. It is making me feel week and a bit light headed. It started getting bad yesterday, mostly after work (only a little bit yesterday morning), really. Last night I was even having trouble typing as my whole body was feeling strange. I guess it is all connected. My body wanted rest. It still does.
The pain is almost unbearable at times. Sometimes even moving or saying something would almost bring tears to my eyes and make me feel like I was going to pass out. I ate quite a bit at lunch (it was actually a VERY GOOD lunch!) but I didn't really enjoy it as it hurts to swallow. Even the coffee and the chocolate milk that I had today weren't enjoyable.
I went to sleep after I got home. When I'm sleeping, obviously, I can't feel the pain. I woke up twice when Revo phoned me. The first time I felt dead so just went back to sleep. Now (1:30 AM) it is so late. I still have to get up and go to work in the morning (if I were back home I wouldn't have gone to work today or tomorrow, but here it is a bit different).
I might have considered taking tomorrow as one of my 3 allowed sick days, but it is the last day for 2 of my students. Steve and SeungWoo will be leaving my class. They live too far away so the school bus won't pick them up. Their moms have been taking turns dropping them off and picking them up. It is too bad as they are doing so well in the class. They both love me so much. They each say, "I love you, Laura Teacher," regularly and wait for me to say, "I love you, too." Sometimes I would be the other way around. They both love giving me hugs and a kiss on the cheek. They each cling to me at times. I will miss them soooooo much.
Another student finished this past Tuesday - David. He was cute, but always caused everyone a lot of stress. Just the way he is. He always has his hands on others' things or others. The staff at the school have been released of one of their major causes of stress - the mother! She was always coming in for every tiny little thing. David is western age 4 and yet his mother listens to and believes EVERYTHING he says. An odd family. I won't miss him as much as the others, but still will. And he was doing so well. They other day he surprised me by writing his own name, without asking for help. He is the only one in the class that hasn't been able to write his name. He is starting to be able to write some letters by copying from another page (rather than me having to write lightly for him to trace). Sometimes it is hard to make out what he has written (copied) but he is putting so much effort into it. His mom decided he should go to a bigger English school where it is more intensive in terms of reading and writing. I'm not sure he could handle it. He needs help all the time. He is only 4 and is a bit slower at picking things up than the others his age.
I started out with 11 students. Then it went up to 12. After tomorrow, I will be down to 6!!!
Annie and Jin went to the big International Kindy. Nicole was only here for the summer. And now David, Steve and SeungWoo. How sad.
I'll go back to bed soon... I have a couple more things to do - 2 more notebooks to the parents to write in! I've slept a little more than 6 hours already. That is usually all I get in a night!

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