Thursday, August 23, 2007

more food... and a few drinks, of course

Last Friday after work, Sergeja and I decided to go out for dinner so we went to Itaewon. After wandering for a little while, we ended up going to Buddha's Belly, a little Thai restaurant. Yummy! I had been craving Thai food for a while. Actually, I often crave Thai food. We found out that we both have the same favorite - green curry. mmmmmm. So good. We ordered 3 things to share: spring rolls, green curry with chicken and egg noodles with vegetables.
hit the spot.
After filling ourselves, we decided it was time for a drink. We decided to check out the Baby Guinness, an Irish bar with a small but nice patio (above BricX for those of you that know the area). Sergeja's MargueritaStraberry Daquiri (soooooooo refreshing!)
After we finished a couple of drinks, we went down to BricX. Dark and cozy as usual. Very nice chocolate martinis! After that it was off to the Wolfhound for one last drink - a Junebug for Sergeja and for me a Black Russian, one of my favorite drinks. They made it wrong though and added mixer. :(

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