Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been quite busy with work and hanging out with one of my new co-workers. SO much changed over the 2 weeks that I was away in Canada for summer vacation. The other foreign teacher (Canadian) did a midnight run (basically just skipped the country without giving the school notice or anything, right after pay day). So, the teacher that they had hired to replace on of the other teachers that left before, replaced her, and they quickly filled the other spots with Kyopos (Korean foreigners. They had said that they would hire foreigners, not Kyopos, as the Kyopos aren't really treated as foreigners, and they don't look foreign.
Things that they said would change didn't change, things that weren't supposed to change changed. When I left I had a computer in my classroom. When I got back, it was gone. They moved it to another desk in the teachers' office. BUT in there, it isn't connected to the Internet. The other computer in there is. They are just too lazy to connect it to the Net or to the printer. Useless. In my room, it was hooked up to the Net.
The new teachers are all very nice. Sam is a Korean Canadian from Toronto. Then there are Erin and Sarah, both Korean American. Sergeja is the new foreign foreign teacher and is from London. We all get along very well. I'm happy about that, of course, BUT...
other things at work are driving me nuts!

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