Saturday, December 09, 2006


Richard/Ricky/Richie (he's liking Richie right now) is one of my students at both the kindy (Jin-da-lei class) and at LCC. He is 6 years old (Korean 7 year old). At the kindy, every couple of months there is a big birthday party for those students whose birthdays are in the two month period. The birthday students usually get dressed up for the party day: sometimes in traditional Hanboks, sometimes in party dresses or suits. Richie was part of this past week's party. He is one of my favorite students because he is ALWAYS smiling, and he is such a sweet kid (and smart, too).

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Cairogal said...

The photos of the kids are so sweet. I seem to recall some people in the Gulf counting their age in the same manner of the Koreans.