Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the kindy school

Here are some pics of around my kindy school.
First Floor:
The first floor hall and main entrance. On the left are the main office, the first floor teacher's bathroom and the first floor kids bathroom. On the right are the (3-4/Korean 5 year old) Roe Deer classroom (closest to the doors) and the (4-5/Korean 6 year old) Deer (Sa-sum) class.The back door. To the right is the hall to the main doors. On the left are the (4-5/Korean 6 year old) Squirrel class (da-ram-jui) and the (3-4/Korean 5 year old) Hippo class (Ha-ma). The main stairs. Going down (behind the Santa) you get to a big room that is used as an activity room/sports room/ballet room, and a swimming pool beyond that.
Second Floor:At the top of the stairs. To the left is the piano room and then the entrance to the (5-6/Korean 7 year old) Mu-gung-hwa class and the other little classroom (Chinese? Math?). Straight ahead is the English classroom. It only seats about half of a class in there. The two Korean English teachers each get one half of each class, one half goes to the English room, the other half stays in their classroom.The second floor hall. On the left is the kitchen. After that is the second floor student bathroom and then the teachers' bathroom. On the right furthest away is the (4-5/Korean 6 year old) Elephant (Ko-ki-ri) classroom, then the (5-6/Korean 7 year old) Giraffe (ki-rin) classroom. Straight ahead there is some sort of little office room (entrance from the other stairwell) that I have never seen used.Piano Classroom. The 5 rooms on the right each have one piano. The 4 rooms on the left each have 4 pianos.The second floor kids bathroom. Everything is child size.

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