Tuesday, December 12, 2006

another night out...

Last Saturday I went out again, of course. :P I met up with a few girls to have a beer while waiting for the guys (the Loko football/soccer team), and for the Indian restaurant (Namaste) to be ready for a big group. We went to the restaurant a bit after 7. I think our food took a couple of hours to make it to the table. For some reason, they wanted to serve all 20 or so at the same time!! Oh well. The food was sooooooooooooooooo good!!!
The main reason for the outing was a going away party for one of the guys, Delphy. I've only met him a couple of times so don't really know him, but I know most of the others that were there.
[Tally, Delphy and I]
After dinner a few people went home and the rest of the group headed to Itaewon for some drinks. We went to a fairly new Irish pub there. There was no sitting room, and the tv there was tiny, so us girls went upstairs and stood around with our drinks, and the guys headed to Hollywoods to watch a game that was on, and then came back, by which time we had a small table. Some of the others stayed at Hollywoods, or headed to Hongdae, which is where most of us ended up a little later.
When we had enough of the Irish pub, we hopped into cabs for Hongdae, to Route 66, a very popular place, famous for its Long Island iced tea. Yummy!!!
[D (Irish, arrived in Korea around the same time I did this year) and I][Sophie (Irish?) and I][Darryl (American, friend from last year in Korea) and I][Dairin (Irish, friend from last year in Korea) and I][Aaron (Australian giant, friend/co-worker from last year in Korea, soon to be a father) and I][Jason D(American, co-worker from last year in Korea, looks drunk in every photo I have of him... maybe because he is???) and I]
I'm not even sure exactly when we left there. I ended up with D and a couple of the guys: Jason D and Aaron, going for some more drinks... beer... NOT my favorite, but... well... when it is offered.... some friendly thumb wrestling ensued.
Notice the pink in my hair again??? Well, it is a bit more purple this time. :)
[all photos are at Route 66 in Hongdae]


Organic-Muslimah said...

looks like you guys had loads of fun :)

Amet said...

hey party animal , hope you had a nice time out , i am flying to London in 2 weeks and will be celebrating the NYE there , can hardly wait .
Any plans for the NYE ??
although its a bit early but Merry X-mas and happy new year ;)
God bless xxx

laura said...

yes, we did. That group is always fun.
I was going to be in Egypt for my holidays but that has since changed. I'll be around Seoul with those friends that will still be here. I might go to China for a few days. Who knows. :D
Same to you.

jason said...

Hey Laura,

I do the news section for a beer magazine called BeerAdvocate. Sorry to leave this random comment, but I couldn't find your e-mail address and I'm hoping you could help me out. I'm doing a little item about Corona's entrance into China, and read on Wikipedia that Corona in Korea is drank with a slice of lemon instead of a lime, because limes are harder to find in Asia. I'm having a hell of a time confirming this through proper channels, and so now I'm taking a last-ditch effort: finding North Americans who live there and might have noticed this. I found your blog during a Google search. Have you seen how people drink Corona in Korea? Have you noticed that limes are hard to find? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please shoot me an e-mail at jasonfeifer (at) hotmail (dot) com.


Amet said...

Whenever you make it to Egypt just gimme a buzz , You are most welcome anytime , God bless and have a good day , by the way what is the time difference between Korea and Egypt +7 hours i guess so its around 10 pm your time :)
Later Alligator

laura said...

Yes, the time difference is +7 hours. Thanks for the invite. I shall let you know.