Friday, December 22, 2006

The owl is coming to Korea.

Titillating Food Chain to Open Outlet in Korea
Such an appropriate title for the article.
I went to Hooters once... only to meet friends who had stopped there for a bite before going to the no longer existent Club Malibu Bourbon Street (a bar) in West Edmonton Mall. That was a LONG time ago. I only had water.
When ever I hear about Hooters, though, all I can think of is seeing the waitresses wandering around the mall with the owl mascot, handing out Hooters balloons to little kids. Something just didn't seem quite right about it.
My friend Aaron has a comment about it on his Messenger ID: "Hooters to open in Korea. Job opportunity for B-Cup girls!" LOL. BUT, many Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery and such, so that might not actually be true. Or maybe they'll hire some of the Russians that I am often mistaken for.


shannon said...

you know its funny cuz recently alot of koreans have asked me if i am russian! i think i definitely look more korean than russian!! what do ya think?

laura said...

No, you definitely don't look Russian!!!