Friday, December 08, 2006


These past few weeks have been a bit strange for me. I have felt strange. I have felt like my life is not the way it should be. I know what (or who) started it, but I won't say right now, as I'm still not sure WHY.
I am trying to mix things up a bit.. change things... in order to make myself happier. I have not had a great year... and I'm not just saying that:
While I would normally hesitate to say anything like this, it begs to be said - This hasn't been your year! [thanks Anthony!!]

...and bad things are still happening. I could make a big long list of things that have gone wrong this year, but I won't.
I suppose I have been stuck in a rut.
Anyway... I started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago. I had been talking about going for a while now, but just hadn't had the will to start. I also started giving lessons to the two little girls of one of the office women at work. The girls are 9 and 7. It is only one hour a week.
I REALLY need to find some new jeans/pants. ALL of the ones that I have now fall off. Since coming to Korea in March, I think I've lost about 3 kilograms. All in the hips/legs. I lost about 2kg in Shanghai and then another in the past few weeks. I'm not quite sure WHY I lost it. In Shanghai it could have been all of the walking that I did (after not walking for a month due to health problems).
Anyway... I've had to tighten my belt 3 holes! All of my pants give me that saggy bum look. They are all too big. Korea is definitely NOT the place for me to find new pants. They don't make them very long. They'd be like 3/4 length on me... like the shirts that I buy here are. Now, don't get me wrong. The shrinking that I've been doing isn't something that I'm complaining about. What bothers me is the fact that my clothes no longer fit; and that I cannot find replacements for them.

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