Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Party

Last night was Chris' Christmas party. (He's the one that had the Halloween party I went to, for those of you that are following along.) When ever he has a party, he goes all out. I'm not sure how much he actually spends (time and money) on his parties. He baked cookies, decorated his apartment, wrote versions of the traditional Christmas songs for his close friends, organized games and activities, made a slide show of pictures of all of his friends and put it on cds for everyone (which a very short Santa handed out) and had tons of food and snacks around. One of the games that I unfortunately missed was pin the candycane on the elf... I think he was the elf.
a friendly game of twisterpictures with Santa (Kat and I)the crowdthe host: ChrisStacey and I
A few of us ended up crashing at Chris' as IT WAS SNOWING so the taxis didn't want to go any distances so we were kinda stuck. Us girls took over Chris' bed and left the guys to sleep on the floor down below (it is a loft).


Amet said...

Merry X-mas :)

Amet said...

ohh i forgot to mention how Lovely that crowd is ; i wanna join you guys :)

laura said...

Happy Holidays to you. :)
Yes, it is a lovely crowd (and only some of the group actually fit in the picture; there were many behind me as well).