Monday, May 22, 2006


I am really excited about the ball on the 3rd. It is pretty expensive, but it isn't often that I get a chance to go to a ball, with a great meal, and all you can drink. It is around $200 (CA) for the ticket, and I spent around $225 (CA) for my dress.
All of us girls that are going went dress shopping in Itaewon on Saturday. That is about the only place to find normal sized clothing in Korea. I was worried that I wouldn't find a dress, but I found one. It is empress style, dark red, satin with crepe on top. I do have to get it altered. This is the first time I have ever had to have anything shortened!!! Unless I wear 6 inch heels, I will have to get it a couple of inches shorter. It is that long.

After an afternoon of shopping, I met up with Cindy and Tyson. For those of you that don't know, or forget, I knew Tyson in High School, and then we worked together at Wonderland in Anyang for 6 months, my first year in Korea. Cindy worked at the front counter of that school. Their wedding is the 27th. They will have a church wedding ceremony here in Korea, and then another wedding in Canada in July. They kind of have to have two weddings, because all of Cindy's friends and family are in Korea, and all of Tyson's friends and family are in Canada. Unfortunately I can't make it to their wedding in Canada. I really wish that I could!!!

Anyway... I met up with them at Gecko's Terrace where they were just finishing up their drinks. We headed up to Gecko's Garden Restaurant (the other side of the street) for dinner. Others were supposed to arrive then, so we waited... and waited... and waited and had a pitcher of Sangria while we waited some more. We starving, though. After an hour and a half, it was getting rediculous. We decided to go elsewhere to eat. Of the people that were supposed to show, most had decent enough excuses. One however, decided to go out for dinner with some other friends first (who goes out for dinner before they go out for dinner???). She did show up right before we left Gecko's Garden, and instead of going with us to a better restaurant where we decided to eat, she stayed there with her friends. The others did manage to join us. We went to Memories, the German restaurant in Itaewon. It is run by a German man and his Korean wife. He makes everything from scratch, even the sausages and salad dressings. The food there is always great, even though the service isn't always the best. After eating, we then headed to the Rocky Mountain Tavern, a Canadian bar in Itaewon. There was a guy there from Sherwood Park, but he knew some of the people that Tyson and I went to HS with. He has a permanent home in Korea. He is a golf pro. He also has a house in Edmonton. He stays in Korea for the season, giving lessons (he makes twice as much here as he would in Edmonton), and then he does a golf tour around Asia. Sounds like a nice life!!!

Sunday I spent a while wandering around Lotte World, at Jamsil station, a couple of stops on the subway from where I live. I did find a couple of pairs of shoes (sandals). Originally I was looking at shoes that were a bit more expensive, but they didn't fit right. Then I was in the Lotte Department store looking around. I found a perfect pair of shoes... perfect except for the price. When I found out they were over $250, I kinda changed my mind about them. Instead, I bought 3 pairs of sandals (around $12 each), 2 that I could possibly wear with the dress (both black, one is more comfortable than the other), and one just because they are sooooo cute and I love them (something like metallic aqua(?) in color). I figured... since I was not buying an expensive pair, I could splurge and buy a couple. :)

I love shoes. I miss my shoes!!!!!

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