Sunday, May 14, 2006


I spent the weekend on Hanagae Beach on Muuido (an island to the west). The beach was used in a Korean drama that I had seen the last time I was in Korea. There is a western style house to one side that was built for the drama. It also has the largest tidal flats on the island. For more info, check out Tom's blog.
Getting there was a bit of a trek. I had to go to the airport, hop on another bus, then a ferry, then another bus. The island bus driver told me to get off at the wrong place. I had no idea where I was, other than it was not where I was supposed to be. I wandered around for a while, and then stood around waiting for the bus to return. The bus is supposed to be around every 20 minutes. I waited a lot longer than that. A Korean family was in a little garden to the side. They asked me if I was going back into Seoul, because they were going home. They offered to drive me home. I said I was going to the beach, so they went back to what they were doing. When they were leaving, they decided that they would drive me to the beach, since the bus had not yet returned. Very nice people. A man, his wife, their daughter and her puppy. They live near me in Seoul, but have a garden on the island. They go there once a week.
In all, I think there were 24 of us , all foreigners. We had several little huts on the beach (on stilts). The guy renting out the huts wanted to put us up in the huts under the trees, away from the beach. He kept making excuses, but I think it was because they were trying to paint all of the stairs and frames of the huts on the beach. It is still the off season, so they are trying to get everything ready for the summer season. Because we demanded to stay on the beachfront, the front row still has to be painted. The huts were basically just a little room that slept about 3 or 4 people. Blankets and pillows were provided, that was it. It was comfortable with 3 of us in a hut. 4 might have been a bit crowded. The floor was heated, which was great.
Saturday was a bit overcast, and the wind off the sea was quite cold. We were almost all bundled up. A bunch of the guys decided to play a bit of a game of touch football. I decided to sit in my hut to warm up a bit, and wait for the others to arrive.
We all piled into a little restaurant on the beach for dinner. One table had seafood (clams and such) and the rest of us had samkyeopsal. Kinda like bacon, but cut thicker, and not smoked. You cook it yourself on a little grill in the middle of the table. Once cooked, you just take what ever piece you want of the grill, dip it in the sauce, and with onions or garlic or what ever else you want that is provided, wrap it up in a lettuce leaf, then stuff it all into your mouth. Yummy!!!
After a great meal, we had a fire going. Somehow, a bbq half drum appeared, and they were finding burning material from who knows where. It was great to have a bit of heat. A few people got quite drunk... some getting sick, others doing stupid things. Things such as almost jumping in the fire, and disappearing without telling anyone, sending everyone on a hunt to find him. He was found waist deep in the water, just standing there and yelling. At least he is okay.
After most of the group headed off to bed, we found a Korean guy that had been at the restaurant earlier. He brought us a bunch of drinks (we had run out and the shop was closed) and sat with us. He spoke no English, but was great fun. I have his hat. I was wearing it, and then when the rest of us were heading for our beds, he just said goodbye and left.... forgetting his hat. That's okay. I needed a hat anyway. :)
If he wants it back, he'll call. He has my number.
Today was basically a day of sleeping on the beach. It was quite a bit warmer today, so it was great. Even putting on sunblock several times, my legs and feet and my nose are a bit red. I love the beach... I love the sea... I love the sun.

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