Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a concert

This evening I went to a traditional Korean music concert with some of my Korean friends (teachers at the kindy school). The performance was by SeoYun's professor, playing the gomungo. A gomungo is a traditional Korean stringed instrument, with 6 very thick strings (the kayagum is similar, but has 12 thinner strings). SeoYun studied music in University, and the gomungo was her instrument. The first part of the performance was her professor on the gomungo accompanied by a dansu (something like a recorder/flute) and then by a piri (something akin to an oboe in sound). The second part was a larger group: 6 gomungos, 2 bipas (other stringed instruments), one piri and one daegum (a wooden flute). Very nice.
After the concert, we went to a hof for some food (pig's feet, sausages and chicken) and beer (paid for by the professor) and then we went to another restaurant for some bbudaechigae (a delicious stew with spam, weiners, vegetables, instant noodles, and other things).

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