Monday, May 22, 2006

More on Egypt... Felucca

When I was in Egypt, I spent two nights, two days on a felucca (November 2/3). A felucca is an Egyptian sail boat. There were 3 French people, a German guy (Milan), an American guy (Mike) and I, plus the two captains and their 11 year old assistant. There was just enough room for us to all spread out and sleep. Sometimes I thought I would roll over the side when they were turning. It was amazing, though, the whole experience. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sit around all day, or to sleep, but the company was awesome. I didn't talk much to the 3 people from France because they didn't speak English and were only there for the first night. The second night, our felucca and 2 others beached at the same place. We had a fire going, and one of our captains had a drum. They were singing and dancing around the fire. There were some Egyptian songs, and then some in English that made us almost roll in laughter the first time they broke out into them. Think the tune of "she'll be coming around the mountian" to the words of "She'll be smoking marijuana when she comes... She'll be sailing on a felucca when she comes... etc." Then they were singing a variation of "In the Jungle": "In the felucca, the mighty felucca." They were also singing some Bob Marley. The younger guys were obsessed with Bob Marley.

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