Sunday, May 07, 2006

Friday night out

Friday afternoon, there was a LOKO football team fundraiser BBQ on the roof of Kieran and Dairin's apartment building up in Ilsan. Ilsan is about an hour and 45 minute subway ride from where I live. Not exactly nice trip. The BBQ started at 2 and we were there until who knows when, eating and drinking, and eathing and drinking. When it finally started to rain (long after the sun had set), a bunch of us headed to Soul Train, one of the local foreigner dance clubs. On the way, we picked up two Korean guys that spoke almost no English. Funny guys. They kept saying they were going home, and then they would all of a sudden be standing there again. They were soooo drunk. When Dearbhla and I finally left the bar, the two Koreans were passed out on plastic lawn chairs right outside the building, infront of a little convenience store.
We tried to wake them, but they wouldn't have it and just went back to sleep. At least they were under an overhang, and not right in the rain.

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