Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well... Last week, I was out walking and decided to get a hair cut. It was decent... and cheap: around $10 (CAD). So, today, I decided I wanted color. I went into the same salon, and wanted something similar to what I had, which was brown, red, and blond streaks. They said they could only do two colors, not three. So I said just add red and blond streaks to what I had. I wanted a fairly light blond, and a dark red. I pointed at the streaks that I had before. They discussed it for a while and kept combing through my hair, looking at the different layers, and thinking. They were very nice. The girl that cut my hair before kept apologizing for not speaking English. She tried to explain things to me the best she could. I think she is around my age. The other is a bit older. They started by putting the blond streaks in my hair and then put brown dye everywhere else, to make it all the same color. They left that in for a while, then washed it out and sat me back down to put the other color in.
Anyway... to make the story short, my hair is not brown with pink streaks. Some of the streaks underneath are basically a dark shade of flourescent pink.
That is okay. I didn't really mind. I kinda like it, actually. Just kinda funny that I got something totally different from what I asked for. I paid 60000won for it (maybe... $65???).