Sunday, March 12, 2006

my life in Korea begins...

Well... I am finally back in Korea.
My home is quite nice. It is in a very old, more 'traditional style' building. It is not an apartment or villa (I was in a villa before) but rather, a "multi-family house". Basically, it is 3 floors. There is a business on the first floor, I have most of the second floor (there is a small one room deal on the second floor as well) and the owner is on the third floor. I have a bedroom with a double bed, dresser and closet. I have a very large living room with 2 dressers, a desk, a small table and a TV. My kitchen is tiny, though. My bathroom is very Korean... no sink, no mirror.... just the toilet in one corner, a washing machine in another corner, and a shower hose and tap coming out of the wall in between. The bathroom is not heated, so there is a little electric heater on the wall, above where the 'shower' is. I have A LOT of cleaning to do, as it wasn't cleaned by the last tenant. There are even dirty old shoes in the shoe closet by the door. Yuck!!!
I picked up Tokki yesterday. Tokki is a rabbit that I have adopted. His previous owner was the ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine. Tokki is so cute, but is a bit scared and nervous at the moment. I will take him to the Vet this week to make sure all is well. His toenails REALLY need some trimming. They are around a cm long!!! My friend, Anthony, has had Tokki in his apartment for the past week. He hasn't let the rabbit out, though, because Tokki really likes to chew things, and Anthony is not a big fan of little animals. As a result, Tokki has been very bored and restless.
My schools are great. Yes, there are 2, with the same owners.
At 10 am, I start work teaching kindy classes at a kindy school. There are up to 30 students and two Korean teachers in a class. There are several floors in the building. The first and second floors are all classrooms, each with a piano, TV, tables, play area, etc. The roof has a playground and a small swimming pool for summer. The basement has a larger playground/play area, and a Taekwondo school (part of the kindy school, or owned by the same people, I think). There is also a piano school within (also part of the same thing).
My job is to spend 15 minutes with each class, reading a book and then singing a song with the students. I go through 8 classes, and then there is a lunch break. The school has a kitchen and a couple of cooks. After lunch, I go to two more classes. I only teach at the kindy school 4 days a week. I get to choose which day I get the morning off.
Then I head down the parking lot to my hagwon, LCC. I start teaching there at 2 pm. I have 2 40-45 minute breaks there, and finish at 6pm. The classes are small and I am just teaching from books. (I have taught with most of the books already, my last time in Korea).
I have to go to the Immigration Office tomorrow morning to apply for my Alien Registration. I have to have my Alien card in order to get my phone and Internet set up.

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gil b said...

Hi Babe Good to see that you made it OK. I guess we will have to make our communications public using this media. We miss you already, but will be cleaning up your room over the next week, and putting stuff into storage.(or perhaps just sell it!) Are you getting a phone in your apartment? Do you have internet hookup? Anyway - will talk to you soon.
Love Dad