Monday, March 13, 2006

Immigration and such

I made it to Immigration this morning. It took a little more than an hour to get there (taxi, subway, walking). At least I only had to wait around an hour for my number to be called. It should have been less, since they were on 47 when I got there and I had 57. Sometimes the wait is a lot longer than that. I have to go again on the 23rd to pick up my Alien card and my Passport. Yes, they keep the passport. My school wants me to get a bank account this week but I will no have to wait until after I get my card. I can't do much with our my passport or my Alien Card. kinda sucks. I have my cell phone but have to wait another week and a half to actually get a number. Argh. I hate using pay phones, especially if it is windy and cold. Also, I can't phone home or anywhere using the pay phone because it is WAY too expensive. C'est la vie.
My first class today was 16 students!!! They were the lowest level and the youngest at the Hagwon. I think that a lot of the students in my first two classes at LCC are students that I also have at the kindergarten. I am told that that class will shrink a bit, as some of them will change to Tuesday/Thursday classes. Large classes like that are difficult, especially when they know almost no English. Today I was supposed to give most of them English names, but they just stared at me or at the table and said either nothing or "no". It is hard picking English nicknames for a room full of kids, most of which don't want one.

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