Monday, March 06, 2006

going to Korea

Finally my flight has been booked. I leave Wednesday morning... VERY early.
I should get my passport in the mail on Tuesday (says the post office), and my plane tickets from Fed-Ex on Tuesday. It either are late, BIG problem. Not sure what will happen if that is the case.
I hate flying... still. I cannot even count the number of planes I have been in.... but I still hate it just as much. Flying scares me... no, it REALLY scares me. I just suck it up, though, because my desire to go places is much, much greater.
I will be in Korea Thursday evening. Next weekend I will be going to Busan with a friend.
As I wrote before, I was supposed to be in Korea on the 1st of the month. Things in Korea don't always go as one would expect. Things are changed last minute, and not everyone is told. Recruiters aren't so great to deal with (usually). My recruiter the last two times was great. Everything went relatively smoothly. This time, though, the recruiter is different... and she is doing things her way, and hasn't listened to the school or to me. That's the way things go in Korea, I suppose.
I had a couple of parties to go to in Korea this weekend, that I am obviously missing. A couple of friends are leaving and are having going away parties. I will not see them, now.
At least I am getting there. Better late than never.

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