Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ballet slippers, smoking grannies, etc

Yesterday when I got to work, one of the Korean teachers gave me a pair of ballet slippers to wear around the school. Real ballet slippers. I think there is something to do with ballet somewhere in the school (it is on the website). How cute.
Last night after sitting in a PC Bang (net cafe) for a while, I went for some kimchi bokumbap (kimchi fried rice) and outside the window there was a little old granny (think... posture is bent over at a right angle) smoking on the street. In Korea, that is not a normal thing... in general, (Korean) women don't really smoke in public. They smoke in the bathroom if they do. To see a little Korean granny smoking is quite an oddity.
When I arrived in my home my first day here, my bosses asked me if I needed a new fridge. I said if the one there worked, I didn't care, that was fine. I spent a while on the weekend cleaning it out (it was pretty gross inside). Today, when I got to work, Jennifer, the boss, said she ordered me a new fridge... a very nice fridge. Yay!!! They also ordered me all new bedding when I got there. It arrived the end of last week, so up until then, Jennifer lent me some of their bedding.
The number of students at LCC (my hagwon) has gone up a lot since I got there... I think it is higher than it has been before, or at least higher than it has been in a long time. Jennifer is very happy. Last week there were 79 students (I think). New students keep arriving. Kelly (the main Korean English teacher) and I interview each new student and decide what class to put them in. There are only 7 English classes at LCC.

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