Monday, February 19, 2007

moving II

Tuesday will be my last day teaching at the kindy, so until the 28th, I'll have my mornings off. I'll need them, since I'll be spending my evenings trying to organize my things to get ready to move next Sunday. I'm still not quite sure how I'll be moving, or how my stuff will fit into the new home. Right now I have a small closet with 2 drawers on the bottom, as well as 3 fairly large 3 drawer drawers. My new home only has a small closet with 2 drawers. Plus, I also have another set of drawers with stuff for my computer, stuff for Tokki and other misc. things. I'm not sure where I'll put them. I have a tv table and coffee table set, which I'm not altogether sure will fit in the new home. I guess I'll find out when I get there. I'll have to get a few things (or get my new school to get them) to help me organize after I move (book shelves, etc). They are supposed to be help me move my stuff on the 25th, but I want to be all packed up and ready to go by the time they get here. I'm going to have to find some boxes or such to put my stuff in. I'm still one suitcase less than when I came.

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