Wednesday, February 07, 2007

pencil cases

Korean kids have such cool pencil cases. I have an obsession with pens and pencils and all things related. Being in Korea only feeds this obsession. :P
There is such a variety of pencil cases here, from the simple, to the video game models.
A relatively simple pencil case.The lid flips up to find a writing board. It comes with a little whiteboard marker and eraser.The writing board then flips up to find the pencil compartment."DRAGONDRIVE"
This one has a compass on the top.The top part flips over and the other lid is a little writing board.Philly's pencil case.
"Racing Action-Z"
"I go forward for the world! Nice man. wawa109"The top flips over to the racing game.Cindy's pencil case
"I hope to hear your merry voice."
"floral heart"
"So romantic!"
"MINI M"The game slides out like a drawer.
It comes with several game cards (in the slots to the right of the game screen).


julianna said...

The top one looks like Inu Yasha?

julianna said...

Ok, I meant that to be a period not a question mark! I meam it's ghost soul, but! LOL!

Organic-Muslimah said...

I have the same secret obsession. Don't tell anyone!


These are the suns said...

That's funny, I just posted a pencilcase image, or"pancilcase" I should say. One of my students has a flipover keyboard, and a little beatbox accompaniment on hers, it's pretty bad-ass.

laura said...

Julianna, lol.
Organic, your secret's safe with me... sort of :P
Yiannis, I've seen ones like that, too, but haven't yet been able to get a pic.

Basil Fawlty said...

When I was growing up in Kuwait, pencil cases were a status symbol in my kindergarten and early primary years (all the way up to college for me...kidding...I think). I remember crying because my parents wouldn't get me a Dukes of Hazzard pencil case because of the image of Daisy Duke in her cut-off shorts.

Incidentally, I also had a 6-million dollar man lunch box.

Finally, from the Beautiful South's "Song for Whomever": "I love you from the bottom of my pencil case..."

laura said...

I can just see poor Basil crouched in the corner pouting because he couldn't have the pencil case he wanted. :P