Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yesterday was supposed to be my last day working at the kindy... the last day that I'd have to get up early (until I start my new job, that is). However, during my last day of work at the kindy, I was told that it wasn't actually my last day of work; that I DID have one more day. Today is the graduation ceremony for the 7 year old classes. Since there are so many of them, they have to do the ceremony twice. AND... I have to go onto the little stage and speak infront of all of the parents for both. The way I found that out was when they told me I had to come today, they handed me a little piece of paper with my name on it and a bunch of Korean writing. They told me "make some words". What is that supposed to mean?? It took me quite a while to get them to actually explain that I had to give a mini speech. Some of the students got an English award, and on the award was a little blurb in Korean. My speech has to be similar to that. I got the Korean English teacher to translate it for me and then I fixed it up a bit. After work yesterday, I had to come to the kindy to do a trial run of what I was going to say. They had basically just told me that I had to do it, and then wanted to know what I was saying, and were confused that I hadn't already planned and memorized some sort of speech. ACK.
Anyway, the first ceremony is now finished. It wasn't too bad, I suppose, but those that know me well know that I am not a public speaker. I am a very reserved person. Actually, public speaking terrifies me.
The kids all have little graduation gowns and caps to put on. Outside, there are people selling bouquets of flowers and candies. It is a huge deal.
One down, one to go.
I will miss these kids. :(


Amet said...

so i guess you will be visiting Egypt soon :) i just wish

laura said...

Sorry, but no. I'll be staying in Korea one more year before I do any traveling.