Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ordering out in Korea

Tonight I finally decided to order food. I'm a bit sick and didn't want to make anything. I wanted Tang-bok-bap. I have the numbers for two 'Chinese' restaurants. Ordering was a bit of a hassle. The first place I phoned, there was a recorded message saying sorry (in Korean, of course) and a bunch of stuff that I didn't understand. The other place hung up on me. My co-worker Kelly phoned me to see if I was okay, and she offered to order for me. She called me back when she was finished. My meal would arrive in about 10 minutes. I guess the first place I tried was closed just for the day.
Anyway, I got my Tang-bok-bap: tangsu-yuk (sweet and sour pork) in one side and (jjajjang)bokum bap (fried rice with fried egg and jjajjang sauce - yummy black bean sauce) in the other. It comes with the standard side dishes of soup (unfortunately it is yucky fishy soup), kimchi (of course), Korean pickles, and raw onions. Korea is great for ordering food. Delivery is free, even if you only order one dish, even if you only spend 3500won. My meal was 6000, and it was enough for two people. Also, the food arrives in dishes. After you eat, you put the dishes outside your door and they come and pick them up later. I guess in a country this small with this size population, you need to find some way to reduce the waste.

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