Monday, July 17, 2006

The River

I just took a little walk to the bridge to see what the river was doing. It is very high. Where I am, the Olympic Expressway, and the one on the other side of the river, are fairly high, so they weren't affected, unlike other stretches of the same roads. It is a good thing that the river is so wide, as it takes A LOT of water to make it rise enough to do real damage. Other areas are not so lucky.

I think the Koreans driving past me thought I was crazy out going for a walk in the rain. I had almost every single taxi honk at me... hoping I wanted or needed a ride. I got my feet quite wet, and my jeans are soaked almost to the knees. Walking along the roads and sidewalks in Korea is, at times, a bit of a chore. Everything here is very uneven. As a result, there are big little puddles everywhere, of varying deepness. At times it is difficult to avoid stepping in these puddles, as they cross the entire sidewalk or road. Some parts of the sidewalks and roads are basically mini streams as the water tries to find somewhere to go.
The Olympic Bridge
A little riverside road/path.
The little road/path goes to the expressway on the right and disappears into the river under the ramp to the left.
I think the only ones enjoying the parks right now are the ducks. They were swimming around the trees quite contently.

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