Thursday, July 13, 2006

Raining cats and dogs... and then some!!!

It is the rainy season in Korea... which means a lot of rain. AFN (American Forces Network) often has a warning saying to be careful during the rainy season in Korea, because in Korea, "when it rains, it pours." So true. The rain is wreaking havoc all over the country. Goyang City, where I lived my last time in Korea, seems to be getting the worst of it. Some people are even missing after having been washed away by flash floods. From some of the local English newspapers:

Heavy Rains Hit Central Region
Goyang received 397 millimeters of rain as of 8 p.m., the largest ever in the region since the meteorological observation office opened in 1993.

A subway station in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, is flooded as heavy rains hit central parts of the country yesterday. [The Korea Herald]
That picture isn't even where the subway platform is... that is at the top of the stairs.

Throughout Seoul, streets and bridges were closed, causing huge backups in the already bumper to bumper traffic (rush hour traffic here is TERRIBLE to begin with).

Downpour to Trouble Commuters
Heavy rainfall brought flooding and disruption to Seoul and nearby metropolitan areas Wednesday, bringing the city to a halt in the midst of chaos.
Seoul City closed six major roads for most of Wednesday, including sections of the Nambu Circular Road and Tongbu Expressway, both of which parallel the Han River. ...
[The Korea Times]

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