Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The view from Wooil's stairwell

My kindy school (Wooil Yu-Chi-Won) is right beside a long park way. There is a walking path on the other side of the way. Along the edge of the parkway, there are little gardens. I am assuming that various families that live in the area rent the little plots. It is usually little grandmothers that I see working in them, though.
My kindy has a little garden area along the back of the building, with many different kinds of plants, including eggplant plants, which are growing HUGE eggplants. I had never actually seen an eggplant plant before. They are quite nice looking. The leaves are a purplish green.
Beyong the park strip, the buildings you see are all apartment buildings. As I mentioned before, Seoul is almost all apartment villages, made up of any number of apartment buildings, all of which are built at the same time.

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