Sunday, July 16, 2006


Pucca is one of my favorite Korean characters.

Pucca []

Garu and Pucca []

Some Pucca Animations

A picture of one of my notebooks: Pucca kissing Garu (a common event).
On the notebook, it says:

Pucca is a sweet daughter of the Chinese restaurant.
She is a mania to a zzazzangmeon.
Her boyfriend is GARU. He always chased by her.
You will going to expect their funny love story.

Check her out at the Pucca Club.
(There is an option for English.)

The option 'Pucca Is' is very cute... you can see personality, likes, dislikes, etc. From there, you also have the option to check out 'Pucca's Friends' and 'Soonga Village' where you can check out the individual locations.
There are flash animations of Pucca under the option 'Amusement' (some of the animations are different from those on AsiaFinest, at the above link).

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