Monday, October 22, 2007

a job

Well, I did find a job... only, it doesn't start until November 26th. I should get my home the weekend before that.
Right now I have to wait for my VISA issuance number so that I can go to some other country on a VISA run. The process here takes up to 2 weeks. I wish that I could actually plan something ahead of time. Oh well.
I have decided that I will go to Cambodia for my VISA run. I think a couple of weeks there would be a nice little vacation from Korea.
The job:
A fairly well known ESL company that has schools that cater to all ages. I will be working at one of their kindy schools in Seoul. It is in Apgujeong, which is the posh (richest?) area of the city. It is such a nice area; Very clean and modern; coffee shops on every corner - I think I saw about 4 or 5 Starbucks in the area when I was wandering around, plus tons of other well known, and many not so well known coffee shops.
Apparently they even have a cafe called Igloo that is frequented by about 30 breeds of dog, while on breaks from appearing in movies and dramas and the like (or so it says in the lonely planet guide). I'll have to go there sometime to check it out.
For now I'm floating around sleeping on friends' floors or taking over their beds. Not something that I particularly enjoy, but something that I cannot avoid for the time being.

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