Monday, October 15, 2007

2007 Seoul International Fireworks Festival and after activities

Saturday evening was a huge fireworks festival in Seoul. The fireworks display was put on by 3 different countries:19:30~19:45 Japan fireworks team's introduction and show19:55~20:10 U.S.A fireworks team's introduction and show20:20~20:45 Korea fireworks team's introduction and show
They had a stage set up (I think) on Youinaru Station, but we just watched from the north side of the river near Yongsan. We had a nice little spot in the grass and vegetation along side the walking path.
When the fireworks were over, we made our way to Itaewon. First stop was a little Mexican restaurant called Taco Amigo. My Chicken Burrito was very good. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals as well.Then we all went to the Bungalow, a cozy tropical lounge up behind the Hamilton Hotel.A tropical bar wouldn't be complete with nice white sand to tantalize your toes.They also have a room with swings, an outdoor spa to dangle your legs in in the warmer months, and a hammock.Tom tried a daquiri. A great summer drink, but not the best for a cold evening!Outside, when we left the Bungalow, Richard found a discarded ice sculpure and, of course, had to play with it.

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