Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Fun

Saturday night I went to a friend's for a Halloween party - Chris' Second Annual Halloween Party. Last year's party was great. This one was even better.
I missed the first bit. Chris' one room apartment was full when I got there. So many people. I only actually knew a handful of them. All kinds of costumes were present. The standard vampires, witches, pirates, etc. as well as many very creative and unique ones.Can you guess what they are?Signing the box.
The ENTIRE apartment was decorated. The walls were all covered in black and decorated with a variety of things. A lot of things were made with his friend's pictures or are referring to his friends in one way or another.One wall was a graveyard, with epitaphs of all of Chris' friends. Mine said "Laura/ It's the only home she could keep..."The ceiling had a giant spider, and a whole bunch of bats.The bathroom had decorations (including a skeleton in the shower)and even the washing machine was involved! On the lid it said, "The Washer of DOOM/ caution: NOT for the faint of heart.... or kidneys...."And it wouldn't be complete without a fridge full of Vodka Jello shots!
At midnight we all headed outsideto avoid causing problems with the building super due to noise levels. At one point along the way, we encountered a little grandmother. She laughed so much. (Koreans don't do Halloween). She loved the guy with the box of candy attached to his belt and even went back to him a second time for some more candy. SO funny. I don't think she got the point of that costume. When she saw the flasher with the banana in his underwear, well, she laughed even harder.One of the soldier trio telling us where to go.
Toy guns here look pretty much like real guns. At home that is illegal. If you walked around with one, or pulled one out of your pocket you'd likely get shot, even if you were a kid and just playing. Most of the toy guns here shoot the little plastic ball pellets.It is a bit of a walk to the park but no one was complaining. Once in the park, Chris made a speech and then told a Halloween story using all of his friends' names. He is always very creative. Then there were the awards for the costumes for which we had all voted for earlier on (Chris had made ballots for it)- best, worst, sexiest, least sexy, most thrown together in 10 minutes, most likely to turn the host on, most likely to get one arrested, most likely to scare the pants off a Korean. After that was finished, there were some hand held fireworks (some aimed in the wrong direction but no one was hurt).Once the party in the park started winding down (well, once everyone started to get TOO cold), we started heading back up to the apartment for some more partying. A bunch of people left at that point (too tired, too cold, had to go, etc), so the noise levels weren't as much of an issue.

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