Friday, June 01, 2007

Teacher's Day

It's a little late for this post, but I'll do it anyway.
May 15th was Teacher's Day in Korea. Some schools closed. Most were open. The government has been trying to reduce the effects of Teachers' Day as many parents (and teachers) have used it as a way to bribe teachers (I have heard) into giving special treatment to their children - the bigger the gifts, the better the kids are treated. It is also a bit of a show. The kids, however, just love to give things to their teacher, and the parents want to show their appreciation. My first year in Korea (at a hagwon kindergarten), I got so many things that I couldn't take it all home in one trip. Since then, the number of gifts has decreased for several reasons. The main reason, I think, though, is the types of schools I have been at. The second school was an after school hagwon (academy) with mostly elementary kids. So, it wasn't their main school, I wasn't their main teacher. Then I was at a Korean kindy were I basically just made an appearance in every class each day. Again, not the main teacher. This year, I have my own class of 10 regular students (and 1 half day). I got at least something from 10 of them. Most of them were brand name, big department store buys (translate to expensive).

I got a very cute card from Lisa, that she wrote in herself.

From YongKyu I got a little make-up pouch.

David's gift for me was a very fancy ETRO hair elastic, a bunch of giant muffins and a cheese cake (muffins (I only took 4) and cheesecake to be shared with his other teachers).

From SukMin I got a set of Aveda body cleanser and moisturizer (both 250 mL size).

Sarah gave me an umbrella.

Annie gave me a set of ORIGINS bath oil and body cleanser. If you can't read the note, it says, "Dear Laura teacher, Thank you for being nice and helpful to me! I love you and thank you for helping me when i'm sad or not feeling well. Your the best teacher! Ever!! I hope you have a great teachers day!"

ChaeYeon got me DIOR Placticity Anti-cellulite corrective gel.

Steve gave me a fancy handkerchief.

HyunSang's gift for me was fancy little rice cakes. The little note says, "Dear Laura, Thank you for your good teaching and take care of my sun. I know your very great teacher. Someday my sun said Laura teacher is very interested in good relationship with Starters children. Today is teachers day. I will keep your love for my child in my heart. Thank you Laura. From parents of H.S."

I got an umbrella from SeungWoo. It has a soft bag and a hard case. I didn't take a picture of the actual umbrella, as I ended up using it the day I took the pictures, and so it was hanging up to dry. It has the same pattern as the case.

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