Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my class

Jinah and our kids during play time. They really do get a lot of play time.Sarah, ChaeYeon and Lisa pretending to eat (they are pretending the sticks are chopsticks, of course).Sleepy-head. Jin usually arrives at the start of lunch time, after attending a larger, international kindy for the morning. He is often sleeping when he arrives, or very tired.Steve eating his lunch. Unlike kids back home, many of the kids here PREFER their food all mixed together. There is always soup and rice and then meat/fish or tofu, and some side dishes of vegetables and, of course, kimchi.HyunSang finishing up his lunch. We have them completely clean their dishes. They usually don't need any prompting and scrap up every last bit of rice and drink the last drops of soup. This one, though, is usually the last to finish, as he prefers to talk while everyone else is eating, and then gets upset and angry at me because he doesn't get playtime when he finishes, like the others do.Some of the kids' artwork. Jinah is an art teacher for the after school classes and always comes up with such cute little projects for our kids to do.

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