Wednesday, June 20, 2007

so sick of being sick.

Well, my tonsillitis is all of a sudden back. I started to feel feverish Monday night. The gums around my last wisdom started to bother me again, so I began to wonder (last time I had it, it really affected my gums there). Then yesterday, my throat was killing me, as were my gums. My tonsils are inflamed again, with the white guck on them. Yuck. I went to the doctor and got medicine for 3 days. I'm crossing my fingers. Recurring tonsillitis is definitely not a good thing. He was already starting to talk about surgery the last time I had it, as it was taking so long to go away (I had it for over 2 weeks!). Today all of my gums are a bit swollen. My throat hurts, and is irritating (it feels like there is something stuck in my throat) and my gums are killing me. My whole mouth feels strange. This sucks.


iglooo101 said...

sorry to hear about you being sick. Did the doctor say anything about the source of infection? I came here after following your post
in which you defended egyptians

laura said...

Thanks for the visit.
The doc didn't say much. I don't have much faith in the doctors in Korea any more. He said it might be such and such and gave me more meds. If it isn't getting better by Monday I'll be heading to another doctor.