Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Parents' Participation Day

Today was Parents' Participation Day for the Milky Way classes. We had it set up as a cooking class. We made little heart shaped pizzas. The kids and their parent(s) made 2 little pizzas each. Stephanie and I each made a bigger one to show how it's done.[my second pizza]It was basically a performance by Stephanie and I, including a couple of songs sung by the kids - Baby Bumblebee and Today Is Monday. The kids and Stephanie and I all had aprons and hats to wear.[Lisa and Sarah]We had to to the whole thing twice. Milky Way B class and then Milky Way A class. Other than a few pauses trying to remember lines, it went quite well. The boss was happy, and so sent us (Stephanie and I, our 2 Korean teachers - Jinah and Jessie, and Miss Han, who is sort of the boss' assistant). We didn't eat our pizzas that we made, or the spaghetti that the cook made for lunch. Instead, we went out to a nice little Italian restaurant around the corner from work. It was soooo good.

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