Thursday, May 31, 2007

field trip

Our field trip this month (on the 14th) was to the Outback Steakhouse.
In the morning, once all of the kids were there, we piled all of the Milky Way class (A-mine and B-Stephanie's) into the school bus and headed off.
[SeungWoo on the bus]
We got to the restaurant and the kids all put on little Outback Steakhouse aprons and chef's hats.[a group shot]
Once they were all ready, we split into the two groups and went on a tour.[Steve][going through the kitchen]Once the tour was done, we all sat down for a 'snack'. The kids all got chicken fingers, french fries and soda. We (the teachers) shared a few dishes - salad with grilled chicken, spaghetti, and some sort of steak. Everyone got to take home some of their bread. Yum.


Organic-Muslimah said...

Why do I have a feeling that Korean kids are getting a better education than our American kids? Is this a private school?

laura said...

It's an English kindergarten in an area of Seoul that has a lot of foreigners. I think all of the kindergartens here are privately owned, but they all go on field trips to all sorts of places. The kids here start going to kindergarten at around age 3, so they start learning to read and write at that age (well, some of them do - some just don't get it for a while, which is understandable). Really, they are still babies but have high expectations placed on them by their parents. My kindy is a bit different from others in that it has more a 'learning through play' philosophy, but we still teach reading an writing (at a slower pace, and mixed in with playing games and such).

Cairogal said...

I considered teaching esl in Korea years ago-I heard a lot of nightmare stories about cowboy schools. What are your experiences w/ that?

mahka said...

interesting blog!
I'm a foreigner student @ Seoul, looking for an international kindergarten for my boys (6 and 3 yrs)

so would u plz give me some information about your kindergarten and registering process ,etc to me?
I appreciate it if u email to me:
best wishes