Saturday, October 21, 2006

tonight's dinner

I went to one of the local kimbap restaurants for dinner. They have very quick and cheap meals. I had dwenjang chiggae (bean paste soup), which is one of my favorite Korean foods. I mentioned this soup before, in the post about the soup that I often make for myself (my version of this soup). The main difference is that I usually don't make it spicy, when it is usually a spicy soup (with hot peppers in it and red pepper paste/powder). I also tend to put a lot more mushrooms in it. I love mushrooms!!!In almost any restaurant here (I have never experienced it otherwise), if you order soup, you get rice. They always have a a few side dishes that come with any meal you have. Today I got radish kimchi (in the round dish behind the rice), mushrooms and green peppers, peanuts (in some sort of sticky sweet soy sauce/sesame oil marinade), and, of course, kimchi. It is very filling and cost me 3000 won (about CA$3.50 or US$3.10).


Cairogal said...

Hey Laura, the link for your Bean Paste Soup is not good anymore. Could you share the recipe?

laura said...

I hadn't really posted a recipe for it... only a bit of a description and a picture (in September). It is really easy to make. My ex-BF (Korean) showed me how to make it. The recipes for it usually include shellfish (or some other kind of fish), and some restaurants put other things in as well (roots, what ever). It can be with or without meat. I'll try to post a recipe for it.

Cairogal said...