Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I sometimes post things to do with Islam and Muslims and such. I am Christian. I am not Muslim, but I hate what is going on in the world, and I hate the points of view that many people have. I think that people need to be more tolerant, and more willing to understand their differences and similarities. You cannot blame all problems on a certain religion or race. All religions have had their problems; all races have had their problems; but generalizing doesn't work. It only makes things worse. Most of the Muslims that I know are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone I met in Egypt couldn't care less that I was not Muslim. They only cared that I was a decent person. When I ask them about things I have read in the Quran, and things I have read on the net, they say that it is wrong, that it is not Islam. It all depends on who is interpreting the writings, and what their interpretation is. I have heard that many things in the book are very open for interpretation. Those that want violence, find a way to justify it by interpreting the book in that way.
from West, some Muslims share radicalism blame: writers
Indonesian poet Acep Zamzam Noor said the Islam taught in the country's Muslim schools or pesantrans was a moderate form which used different ways such as poetry to teach children about god.
He said if there was a clash it was between the moderate and extreme way of teaching Islam.
Others said one reason for the yawning gap was the fact that a certain section of Muslims was trying to impose its idea of the truth on the rest of the world.
They said violence, especially suicide bombings, was against basic Muslim principles because Islam forbids despair and Allah is always merciful and forgiving.
"We've acquired a particular notion of truth which serves us in a particular way. Trouble is that some Muslims think they own the truth. The idea of owning the truth is the crux of the problem," said Sardar.
"If you believe you have the perfect truth and you believe you have the right to impose it on others, then there's a problem. This notion negates the very essence of Islam."

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