Sunday, October 22, 2006

at the kindy school...

There are 10 classes at the kindergarden.
1st floor:
Roe Deer (no-ru) class - 3/4 year olds
Deer (sa-seum) class - 4/5 year olds
Hippo (ha-ma) class - 3/4 year olds
Squirrel (da-ram-jui) class - 4/5 year olds
The main office is on the 1st floor, as well.
2nd floor:
Elephant (ko-ki-ri) class - 4/5 year olds
Giraffe (ki-rin) class - 5/6 year olds
Hibiscus (mu-gung-hwa) class - 5/6 year olds
The kitchen, the piano classroom, a little other classroom (Chinese? Math?) and the small English classroom are also on the 2nd floor. (The 2 Korean-English teachers each get half of each class at a time, one in the English room, one in the class's classroom. They switch every month.)
3rd floor
Dandelion (min-deul-lei) class - 5/6 year olds
Forsythia (gae-na-ri) class - 5/6 year olds
Azalea (jin-dal-lae) class - 5/6 year olds
There is a children's bathroom on each floor, but the 3 floor bathroom is outdoors, on the half that is roof. There are 2 teacher bathrooms, on the 1st and 2nd floor.
The basement has a large multi-purpose room (for ballet and taekwondo, etc), a small swimming pool (not deep, as it is for the kids' swimming lessons), and a shower room.
I teach each class for 15 minutes, and then move on to the next one. Unfortunately, the order is not according to the floor or level, which means I get to go up and down the stairs all day. Also, the clocks aren't in sync at all (some up to 5 minutes different from others), which means I have to carry my phone around and keep checking the time to make sure I'm keeping on time. The clocks in the halls aren't right either. And I am often late for classes because I am constantly being bombarded by little munchkins every time I walk down the hall. They seem to enjoy attaching themselves to my legs. Oh well.
Sometimes the classes also switch times, and don't tell us... so I'll show up at a room and they tell me I should be in another room... usually on another floor. Argh. I just have to deal with that.
November won't be fun. They are doing some sort of meet the teacher thing... Which means the parents will be there. Each day, one class will have the parents come in... and so while I am teaching, all of the parents will be around watching me. Ugh. I hate that. STRESS!!!!! The rest of the classes each day will be normal.... but still.
And I won't get my mornings off for those two weeks.

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