Saturday, October 07, 2006

the bus stop

Waiting at my bus stop. There is one bus that goes around where I live. It sort of does a circle. If I want to go towards Jamsil, I catch it on one street (between my home and my work). If I want to go to Cheonho Station (E-Mart, Hyundae Department Store) I catch it here. This road is parallel to the river. The businesses along the right side are mostly to do with recycling and such, I think. Behind the businesses, there is only the Olympic Expressway, and then the river. The trees on the right of the sidewalk, lining the street are all Gingko Biloba trees. I love Gingko trees. On the left there is a hedge that surrounds an apartment complex. There are also some other trees in there, that hang over the sidewalk. I love them.

Looking up.

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