Sunday, September 16, 2007

grannies and baby strollers

A while back I wrote about grannies and baby carriages and about smoking grannies. I never had a chance to get a picture of what I was talking about.
A few weeks ago, while sitting on a little Starbucks patio having coffee (or was it iced chocolate?) Sergeja and I kept seeing a grannie pushing a stroller past, each time with something different in the stroller. I took my camera out, but then she didn't come along again.Another day, we were wandering home after a coffee and came across that same grannie and another one having some big conversation. As I had assumed, they were collecting cardboard and such.The one in white is the one I keep seeing going up and down the streets in that area, always wearing the same thing. I still wish I could have gotten a picture of the grannies pushing towering stacks of cardboard down the street where I used to live.

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