Sunday, September 16, 2007

walking home

Just some random pics along the route up the hill towards my home. I find the area very interesting. A bit dirty, yes, but interesting none-the-less. There are a four ways I can take to get up the hill (up two different sides). Which way I take depends on where I am coming from and how I am feeling. This is but one of them; one of the more interesting ways in that it is partly little paths that no cars can go on. I live on a hill, right near the top. It is like a little maze of streets going every which way. In a car, I only know one way to get up as it is all one way streets.going uplooking backa little set of stairs up aheada bigger set of stairshanging over the wall just before the stairsa Gingko Biloba tree above the stairs - I love Gingko trees!a vine growing up the wall beside the stairssome sort of squash plant hanging over another wall past the stairsKeep going.up some more

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