Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green Pasta

Last Sunday Revo and I wandered around my area and had dinner at a little a spaghetti restaurant called Green Pasta.It was cheap but decent. Actually, we both really enjoyed our meal. Revo had seafood tomato spaghetti and I had tomato herb spaghetti. The drinks (cola, cider (like sprite) or a Fanta variety) are self service (free refills) as are little freshly made side dish pickles.
The bill came to only about 11,000Won for the two of us (about US$10).
Revo would like to go back. He is sick of Korean food and so many of the western style restaurants are quite expensive. We shall see. There are so many other places to try.

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Anonymous said...

I've been here too. I spent some time in south korea and I had the green pasta at least three time. I had the shrimp in cream sauce. It was delicious and very cheap!