Friday, May 18, 2007

Cooking Class

One of the after-school classes at the kindy is a cooking class. I am the cooking class teacher. I don't cook much. Every week I have to teach a different thing. It has to take about one hour to prepare and cook, and then there is about 30 minutes left to eat. Thank goodness for the Internet!!! Every week I have to search for something or anything that the kids would like and isn't too extensive. I'm trying to alternate between main course, snacks and deserts. We've made vegetable soup, bagel pizzas, cheesy bread sticks, M&M cookies, strawberry shortcake, soft bread pretzels, etc.
Last Thursday, we made Peanut Butter cookies. There were only 3 students, all boys - Tim, JiWon and HeeJun (all from the 7 year old class that day - I think not yet 6 years old). They had never had peanut butter cookies before. They loved them. One student, Tim, after taking one bite, said something in Korean that made Miss Young, who is sort of the helper for the class, turn her head very quickly to look at him. She asked him to repeat what he said and then started to laugh. He said something along the lines of "I've been dreaming of this!" So funny.[JiWon enjoying his cookies][JiWon and Tim]
Today we made Sloppy Joes. The kids absolutely loved them and kept asking for more. Today there were 5. Along with the 3 from the previous week, there were two girls from the 6 year old classes - Jasmine from the other class and Sarah from mine.

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