Wednesday, May 16, 2007

birthday parties and happy kids

Last week, Wednesday was the birthday party for the month of May. I had one student celebrating this month - SeungWoo.[My 10 regular kids - David, SukMin, Steve, Sarah, HyunSang, SeungWoo, Lisa, ChaeYeon, Annie, YongKyu. My 11th student, Jin, doesn't come until lunch time, as he goes to kindergarten at an international school in the mornings.]
The food on the table in the picture is a selection of what the birthday kids' parents sent in. It is standard for the parents of the birthday student to send some sort of food item for the class. His mom went way beyond what was expected. We had fried chicken, pizza, watermelon, juice, rice cake and chocolate cake. AND she sent a big box of special rice cakes for Gina (the Korean teacher) and I.
Before lunch, since the weather was nice, we went outside on the little patio area for some play time. The kids loved it, of course. We played some games (In the pond, Ring Around the Rosey, etc) and they had some free time. The little outside play area is on the 2nd floor, above the 7 year old classroom, and just around the corner from my classroom.

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