Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday night

I've been in a bit of a slump lately and haven't really done anything other than sit around watching tv or sitting at my computer just looking around.
I did go out last night. My friend Jen (from Ireland) and I went to Itaewon. We started out with a Turkish kebab... sooooooooooo yummy. Next time I'll have to take a picture of the place. There are a couple of places to get them in Itaewon. One is right next to the Burger King, the other is on the street behind it. I prefer the one behind. Even if the kebabs weren't so good, many people would still go, as the man behind the counter is such a character. He never stops talking. So funny.
Then we went to the Wolfhound for some drinks. We sat at the bar as the place was packed, as usual. We were quite amused by one guy that started talking to us when he was at the bar to get some drinks. He started out by asking where we were from. I'm from Canada, Jen's from Ireland. He then went into a big long story about how his parents are from Ireland and he is Canadian. He then asked Jen how she's here. What?? What kind of question is that? She said she is here teaching English, as most of us are. He said, "Oh." And then he said he didn't know how Irish and English and such teach English as their accents are so strong that no one would understand them. What an idiot.
After the Wolfhound, we went to Brickx. I really like Brickx. Later on we went to Polly's. She had never been there and one of my Egyptian friends was there so we went. Jen got tired and decided to go to a sauna at around 3. I stayed to dance. I can dance all night. So much fun.

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Kenny_F1283 said...

Ah, the old your accent is too strong trick. I have been on the recieving end of that myself. It can very easily make you want to bang your head off a brick wall.