Saturday, April 14, 2007

birthday parties at the kindy

Last Wednesday was Birthday Party day at work. All of the kids whose birthdays are in April sort of had a party. Basically, it is all for show. The school hires a photographer to come in every month for the occasion. We take the birthday kids downstairs and for a picture of each birthday kid with their teachers and the school owner. Then later on, we take them back down again, with their class and there is a picture of each birthday child with some of their friends, and then getting a birthday card, and then blowing out candles (they use one cake and just keep re-lighting the candles for each student). In all of the pictures, the kids stand behind a huge table of food (well, I think maybe the babies would stand infront, as the table is as with all of the stuff on top, the table is almost as tall as they are).Sarah's picture: Annie, Yong-Kyu, Sarah, Seung-Woo, Lisa, Chae-Yeon.Suk-Min's picture: Hyun-Sang, David, Suk-Min, Min-Young (Steve... but he doesn't know it), Seung-Woo, Yong-Kyu.Seung-Woo giving the birthday card to Suk-Min.
The food and cakes and such for that day are all brought in by the parents. It is up to the parents as to what they bring. There is usually so much food that every class gets some whether there is a birthday kid in it or not. Basically, it is a feast. There is so much food that there is tons left over and I think that all of the teachers have plenty to munch on for the rest of the day, (and the next). This month I have 2 birthday kids. Suk-Min's mom brought in pizza and chicken. Sarah's mom brought in rice cake and fruit.
Everyone ended up eating way too much. Yum.

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